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LEWA GROUP Commitment to sustainable business practices and Client/ Customer satisfaction is reiterated in the Group’s underlying value.
We supply wide range of services ranging from, supply of Heavy Building Materials to Construction Industry, Supplying of Sustainable Energy Solutions and wide range of Commercial Clothing Collections and many more.


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Our Mission

To Provide reliable long term service and improve the quality of life of all our customers through Innovation & Technology.
To Secure the best environment, lifestyle and career development to our personnel

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Build Best Business in professed Market and We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our Business.
To be a pioneer partner to all our clients by providing innovative solutions that are customized to their needs and requirements.

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History of LEWA Collection's

In the year 1997 LEWA Brand was formed and under this brand’s name we began manufacturing and exports of maternity wear. The company has shown great progress in the field with the LEWA trademark. Since 1997 LEWA brand had opened 28 stores in Saudi Arabia and today LEWA had become successful being a popular brand in Saudi Arabia. In 1997 LEWA, entered domestic market with its showroom opened in Ankara. In 2004 LEWA opened its second showroom in Istanbul firstly including Europe and Balkan countries LEWA started to export to a lot countries. By the year 2010, LEWA that had stores in Ankara, Istanbul and Konya, later established 300 point sales in the domestic market.
Mütaş Müh. İhr. ve Paz. Ltd. Şti, as franchise making sales with LEWA brand in the countries Saudi Arabia ,Russia, Kosovo and Azerbaijan, containing customers and making export chain in Greece and Libya.

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