Aloe King - Aloe Vera Drink

The world's No.1 selling aloe vera drink available in original & flavour (Cranberry, Mango, Blueberry, Pomegranate & Organic)

  • • Made with organic aloe vera, organic cane sugar and honey
  • • Contains more aloe vera than any other aloe drink
  • • Internationally awarded for taste and quality
  • • Made from all natural ingredients

Imfortis - Vitamin D Drink

From supermarkets to sports supplement outlets, shelves are overstocked with heavily marketed, neon-tinted beverages full of empty promises and sugar. Unlike the others, ease is a vibrant beverage fuelled with positive energy and backed by more than 15 years of nutritional research experience.
Crafted using crystal clear freshwater from Sweden, ease is packed with Vitamin D and all the bonus benefits that come with the added essential micronutrients, like helping keep your bones, teeth, and heart happy while giving your cells something to smile about. If you are looking for a fresh way to keep your immune system and body running strong, start here…
ease boosts your focus, reinvigorates your body, and hydrates your soul. Try ease today and find out what all the wellness junkies are raving about.